About Us

MED.GROUP is a well-established growing company in Toronto (Ontario) with several sub-companies supported by over sixteen years in the Canadian construction market designing and building residential and commercial build of high quality. Also, we have managed large teams with over workers that they dedicated toward providing excellence in framing, concrete and landscaping. Our people are trained, highly qualified and possess extensive building experience. 

During all these years the mean goal of MED.GROUP has been working on projects of high quality offering an integral construction service. At the same time, we have qualification workers who are working to obey with all quality and safety controls regulated by the Institutions. For us, to care and to pay attention to all our workers is a duty.  

MED.GROUP are designed to be enjoyed and build smart equity. Every element of these homes is considered, from elegant rooms for entertaining, to fine flooring, to custom designed and hand-crafted kitchen cabinetry, elegant hardware, and floor plans that answer the needs of modern living.

Building your own home can be a difficult process. With our experience, systems and connections, we make the process flow much smoother and minimize or avoid a custom home that meets the unique needs of you lot and your distinctive lifestyle.